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After Segall befriended John Dwyer, of Thee Oh Sees and Coachwhips, Dwyer offered to release Segall's debut solo album, Ty Segall (2008), on his label, Castle Face Records.The two became firm friends, with Segall noting: "The music community is amazing here, super-tight, and John Dwyer's like the Mayor of San Francisco. And when I was asked to go “beer tasting” with Ty Segall, in my mind it involved an imaginary beer expert, casually walking us through the drafts, educating us on the grand history and process of beer making. So, basically, I put 12 different kinds of beers in Ty’s face, and between questions, he had a taste and told us what he thought.Since I clearly lack any knowledge or natural skill in beer description/terminology, I’ll leave you with Ty’s top three: the Weihenstephan Wheat Beer, followed by the Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold and the Old Speckled Hen.His previous backing bands have been the Ty Segall Band, consisting of Cronin (bass), Moothart (guitar), and Emily Rose Epstein (drums), and The Muggers, a high concept band, formed in 2016, and consisting of Cronin (bass, sax), Kelly (guitar), Kyle Thomas (guitar) and Wand's Cory Hanson (keyboards, guitar) and Evan Burrows (drums).Segall began his recording career as a part-time musician in various underground bands, in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area, before beginning a solo career in 2008.He is best known for his prolific solo career during which he has released nine studio albums, alongside various EPs and singles.During live performances, Segall is currently backed by The Freedom Band, consisting of regular collaborators Mikal Cronin (bass), Charles Moothart (drums), and Emmett Kelly (guitar), playing alongside Ben Boye (piano).

However, they will be able to mention all of the important characters, items, and locations by name.The conversation stops as a guy on roller skates glides across this intersection in San Francisco’s Mission District, just beyond Ty Segall’s dented SUV.He’s in tight black shorts and a black Dixie Cup sailor hat, proudly displaying a message hand-painted across his sleeveless sweatshirt: “Mitt Romney Is A Douche.” Segall and I repeat the phrase simultaneously inside the car, as the man vanishes into a corner store. “It’s comforting to live in a place where you can do whatever the hell you want and no one gives a shit, where no one’s judging.” He’s beaming now.Come down here, you'll see him riding his bike, drinking a beer, and he'll probably take you out to get a taco. The studio albums Melted and Goodbye Bread followed in 20 respectively.Dan Deacon, Diarrhea Planet, Dillinger Escape Plan, Eskimeaux, Fu Manchu, Girls Against Boys, Gwar, Jimmy Eat World, Laura Stevenson, Meat Puppets, NOFX, Refused, The Anniversary, The Flaming Lips, The Specials, Tigers Jaw, Ween, and more.

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