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Of course, working on a project like Untouchable Love gave me an insight into this myth.

For Untouchable Love is essentially a documentary about dating, love and marriage in Hindu societies, with specific focus on Nepal.

I believe a lot of these comments are also applicable to women dating men from other non-Western, developing countries. But I guarantee that a proportion of men from every country are guilty of this. My dad in New Zealand was justifiably offended when, after my mum’s death, his colleagues implied that he would be incapable of feeding himself without resorting to takeaways.

It has changed my concepts of love, of dating, and of marriage. I used to think it was all fairy tale stuff, but somehow, I now believe in the myth of true and pure love – the kind they sing about on the radio and play out in the movies.This is a very vague way of saying that we might do things differently.Well, I know people from my own country who do things differently to me, too. I am a student spend time reading doing some home buisness and travelling.. I am casual as well as modern I want a travel partner to have fun with.. I am a responsible person for my family so till date I didn't get marry just work became my priority.

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In other societies, something other than caste would force this kind of love into the open, sometimes it's religion, sometimes it's money, sometimes it's family feuds (like in Romeo and Juliet). They will smoke marijuana and drink alcohol simply because adults tell them that they cannot do so.

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