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Dating someone with a colostomy

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Just for Laughs Tips Ostomy reversal Ostomy products Innovations, improvements, ideas & knowledge Thoughts before and after the Surgery Questions not related to ostomy Traveling Insurance Art, music, movies, plays and concerts Videos Social Discussions hi. I was single before my operation and have 2 lovely girls. I have tried dating and obviously have had to tell potential new boyfriends.

I found that very hard as I cant really come to terms with it.

They have been reassuring that it makes no difference. I am distraught about it and feel being alone is maybe a better way forward?

There are many things an ostomate can use for intimate occasions like ‘belts’ and ‘wraps’ to give them more confidence also.

Yes we have a bag of poo on our stomach, but we don’t smell and it will rarely leak unless the person is having problems in that section. We all poo, we can just see where ours is coming from!

I thought that this was probably the right time to ...People say its either to hard to tell people about the bag or they run for the hills once they find out. I am a 37 year old, single mom of 3 and I am a colorectal cancer survivor going on 3 years now.I am dating and find it very difficult and stressful to try to tell someone I want to be intimate with, that I have an ostomy. I've already come to the conclusion that the only possibly of becoming intimate with a lady is to make sure she has some sort of an ostomy herself.I was trying to manage my illness while dealing with self-esteem and chronic pain issues.I tried dating but couldn’t focus on the relationship.

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That's fine and understandable though I wish the door wasn't halfway closed knowing I will never ...

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