Dating in the peace corps

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Dating in the peace corps

Listen Here We posted our first Volunteer Spotlight Blog, which focuses on our .

The Good News Network shared our story on their site! We blogged about the success of couples that share a common bond! The National Peace Corps Association put out their quarterly magazine World Viewwhich featured i Heart Volunteers in an article.

CHECK OUT: Penniless Artist in India Falls in Love, Rides Bike to Sweden to Be With Her To prove who you say you are, a third party screening company created by the Zenners contacts the organization and ask them straight up if you’ve donated your time or not – and the people on the other line never know it’s a dating site who’s calling.I did read in Scientific American that emotional bonds are strengthened by doing new things together, feeling vulnerable, sharing frightening situations or stressful physical activities.The Peace Corps provides ample opportunity for all of those.I did know a few couples that had served together in the Peace Corps early in their marriage and it did seem that they had a special bond between them.Even if that is true, it is hard to know whether that is due to the personality type of a volunteer or to their shared experience.

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Through regular Skype dates they’ve become the ultimate digital couple, maintaining their love across oceans. “I’m not surprised this happened so quickly,” said Shelly Zenner, co-founder of i Heart Volunteers.